Air Care System


The XPOWER Air Care Solution helps you maintain a quality work space by treating different aspects in the air: airborne contaminants, humidity, odors, temperature, and bacteria. It’s designed to revitalize any pet friendly environment, promoting higher air quality for you and your customers.

  • Clean the Air – Captures pollutants such as hair and dander
  • Dehumidify – Reduces Drying Time and Prevents Bacteria Growth
  • Odor Control – Absorbs smells and introduces Fresh Fragrances
  • Cooling – Provides high-volume circulation and fine mist to reduce temperature

Air Purification & Drying System (APDS)

Increase Drying Efficiency & Improve Quality In Your Work Space Today

Air Purifying Solution

Tackle Odors and Bacteria With This Portable Commercial Filtration System

Whole-room Air Circulators

Brushless Technology And Streamlined Aesthetic Reinterprets The Pro Finishing Dryer.

Misting Fan

The Ideal Portable Outdoor Cooling Solution