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Great summary – you should put this on the new forum in the joinery/construction section. I would even be happy to write up a series on woodworking adhesive types, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to make the best selection for a project. I’m also concerned about the color. Thanks for getting back to me Marc, and I appreciate the links and helpful advice! I’m building a cedar strip kayak and need the glue on the strip to set up so that I can move on to the next strip. I’ve had the same issue with the epoxy hardening after being on the shelf but not the same issue with wood glue. Any pros or cons between the two for marquetry projects? Only 4 left in stock - order soon. But some luthiers seem to have good results with TB 1. (and if not, then is an epoxy glue a good candidate). The article and the comments have sold me and created a TB fan. I have only used TB 2 on any of my projects. Sure enough, everything held together until one humid spell in August and the whole instrument just started coming apart. I see so many different glues that Titebond sells. Generally, making paddles and oars, strength to weight ratios are the biggest concern. I never once tipped a cow. I don’t use all that much so cost is not big issue, Hide glue is strong, but can be easily parted with a wet palett knife. TBRSam. For guitar making many makers use PVA for the majority of guitar-making needs and then use hide glue for restoration work and for any parts they might feel they need to disassemble the guitar for in the future. Glad I STUCK around to read this about glue. I would be interested to know if the Gorilla Wood Glue has similar strength. This is a way to have very light paddles, using a unique process that’s fairly easy to do and offers a way to use alternating species colors for contrast, under a bright finish. Also, though West System is the industry leader, it’s also very highly priced for what it is. Not exactly the best choice for maple/birch. Thanks! You can coat the whole project with a good quality outdoor varnish, but that’s not really going to strengthen you joints. open bottle time so it won’t dry. $7.69 (15) StewMac Super Glue Starter Package. The makers recommend clamping and that’s fine, but my tests showed that there was no discernible difference between clamped boards and simple rub-jointed joints. Should Titebond Original become thick and stringy, or Titebond II turns into an orange colored gel, these changes signify that the glue is no longer usable. Still, there is some very useful information here. It might be less costly to buy a slightly larger bottle at a lower cost per ounce and use it all instead of throw out portions of multiple bottles. I would love to know if in your opinion, Titebond’s Hide glue would be a suitable candidate? I’m an idiot with glue-up and like more open time. Chair legs and frames can be dismantled this way too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanoacrylate, http://www.rockler.com/titebon.....?sid=AFN86, http://www.dap.com/product_det.....duct_id=43, http://www.jamestowndistributo.....;page=GRID. Is Titebond 2 or 3 as good for guitar assembly as well? I had the same thing happen to me with the only bottle I’ve ever bought, but it happened in a few months. I have seen some folks on forums giving Titebond hell for their overuse of the term “waterproof”. So our stuff is probably more stable than most places. Thanks in advance for reading and, yeah, for anything and everything you post. (I do laundry within reach of my workbench.) III is also mentioned as better for laminations and veneer work when you don’t need urea formaldehyde (sp? That is because PVA makes incredibly strong joints on unfinished raw wood, but in the process clogs the wood pores. Titebond Genuine Hide Glue is the first hide glue to be offered in a liquid, ready-to-use form. I’m a luthier and use TBI for most of a guitar’s construction. From my experience, all of these PVA-type glues respond poorly to temperature extremes. My glue up (when more than two glue lines are involve) are artsy; pieces always shift a little when putting the clamp pressure and I always too late to fix it …. The glue is stronger but the wood fails less frequently? Save 8% when you buy $300.00 of select items. 2 days to dry not very appealing but it has sparked some interest in me in hide glue mainly because of it’s very long open time and because it’s basically clear and does accept stains and other finishes. The problem with it is that even though it “fills gaps” there is no strength to the part that is filled. If you clamp them tight you’ll starve the joint. I haven’t touched my PVA glues since… but I still keep them around in case there’s an exterior project popping up. Titebond II @ 150F Strength 1750 psi Wood failure rate 6%, Titebond III Strength 4000 psi Wood failure rate 57% So try to use woods with similar expansion rates for best results. A glue joint on mirror frame slipped and I sure don’t want to start over. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Unless I am missing something, doesn’t the lower wood failure rate for Titebond III would indicate a higher rate for glue failure (or perhaps glue-wood interface failure)? You can do this with polyurethane glues too, though I’ve found most of these will foam out through the joint in spots anyway. But if you read these comments and you want to be extra safe (after all, its a kid’s swing set), I think TBIII is a better way to go. Sellers remembers a recipe/procedure for making up hide glue. Last month the bottle was still viable and I used it again, so it can be done. I’m building a work bench which will reside in my garage. Hopefully there are some happy ending stories out there to cool my nerves :). Aliphatic resin is amongst the most popular woodworkers glue used in instrument building and repair today. I also liked the consistency of the liquid, exactly the right viscosity for application and it of course worked well with the spreader-spout as I could give a thick or thin spread depending on the pressure and angle of presentation. The water resistance of TBII lasts long enough for the few outdoor projects I completed to hold off glue joint failure. On the other hand, I quickly and easily separated the two parts with a sharp whack on a carefully placed chisel on the joint line. I’m guessing you will definitely see the smeared glue on the surfaces. Simply put, these aliphatic offerings from TiteBond do have a place, both in and outdoors, but be careful what you wish for. I can’t imagine there being a big difference that would effect cracking and splitting. Different substrates can be addressed, like bonding a fastener in concrete, or to aluminum, steel, wood, etc., all easily addressed with technique. Sign up to receive a weekly digest of posts from Paul's blog, Your shop look more organized for an active workspace than mine ever have been:-) Ohh nonsense, My workshop is by far smaller and more crampet than yours, so except for sweeping mo…, It can be hard to know how best to organise things and probably if u start with a few tools and use them — you will naturally work out a good layout. Don’t confuse this with a true waterproof waterproof adhesive, as it will soften with immersion or wood saturation. Titebond came up with a great glue, straight out of the bottle, and it is hide glue. This will work on exterior applications, even those in highly moist locations. Perfect for laminating waterskis, etc. However titebond liquid hide glue which in the bottle is liquid at room temperature is not as good as proper pearl hide glue or the animal glue granuals it is weaker than both of these and I suspect has a lower melting point. B-) Titebond III all the way! But I’m not a doctor and can’t speak from a place of authority on this. Hot hide glue (NOT hide glue from a bottle) or fish glue are favorites to deal with issues 1, 2, and 3. Some of the best explanation on the topic that I have seen to date! Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Thanks for your time. Violin makers still use hide glue in making traditional instruments like violins and cellos and also for repairing them. It does not have to set completely but it needs to ‘hold’ so that working on the next strip does not move it. The image is impressed on my mind. As I am not using large quantities in one go, I have so far successfully used a baby bottle warmer with plastic baby bottles as glue containers. What do any of you use or thoughts? the titabond is easy to use,and since I’m screwing everything together,the slow set up time isn’t a factor,but I made a wrong cut and had to take a bracing board out a couple days later,and it actually pulled the wood fibers out. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. Thanks for any direction, I recently had a large glue-up where I exceeded the open time of Titebond III (10 minutes). We live in VA where it rains at the drop of a hat! The only downside so far was the initial soaking time, but that only happens once per batch so it’s no big deal. A key to good epoxy joints is to not over clamp. what, in your opinion, would be the best glue to re-glue the staves? Don’t believe me read their specs, but I was told directly from the horses mouth their tech department. And, given my area’s range of weather (August typically runs 65 percent or more humidity, while May and February run higher but tend to “dump” humidity as precipitation), I can honestly say I’m glad to have gotten this particular glue. oz. We do this to certain plastics for the same reason. I pretty much use titebond I for all interior furniture and haven’t had any problems as a result of the glue itself. Hiya guys great discussion! I wonder if it will ever truly harden up? These will nurse you through the techniques and various materials. Epoxy isn’t “catalyzed”, but is activated (big difference), though yes it’s a two part system of resin and hardener. My next question would be what is better TiteBond – Gorrilla Glue – Elmers Wood Glue. Or my favorite liquid protein glue—fish glue. And just to show my complete ignorance, I thought Titebond original was also referred to as the “carpenter yellow glue” or “yellow glue”. For anyone who turns pens the CA glue is ideal for gluing the brass tubes into your blanks before turning. It seems to have faded away. This is a great discussion. Water resistance is not an issue since both sides will be fiberglassed. So i’m just a bit worried that titebond 2’s water resistant Isant good enough for fascia boards. I’m starting to get into marquetry and the person that introduced me to it always uses TB II glue for the finished project to the substrate. I need the water resistance and strength it offers (for cedar porch swing consyruction) and I can’t find whereTitebond Extend is water resistant or as strong as TB III. Smearing excess would be easiest. However, I have noticed no particular problem in using this, as my workshop tends to run the humidity range of 12 percent to as much as 60 percent within any given week. I stained the treated lumber than applied a layer of Titebond 3. The second difference is water resistance. Titebond – 1250 psi I never knew the differences until now. Hello, I’m late to this conversation, but I’m wondering if Mr. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. That improves the instruments’ “sustain” or the time that a strummed string will produce a tone. I’m noticing the seams are oozing a glue that looks like white Elmers glue. If it’s due to milling issues or technique, it doesn’t matter what glue you use. Epoxies sometimes stiffen with age in their containers. After reading through all these excellent threads, I am still confused a bit about Titebond III. On Titebond’s Web site, it states, Titebond II Strength 3750 psi Wood failure rate 72% $19.99. How does it compare with a glue called Cascorez made in Brazil? I did call Titebond today their technical support and well on every question I asked he had to go and ask someone else who wasn’t any better in answering than he was. Not for any particular reason, just mostly because I can usually only afford one bottle at a time. I’ve just started using TB II but am wondering what the thoughts are on using it when the joint is not perfectly tight/flush. Well I don’t know about you guys, but I am not about to stock three different types of PVA glue just for the sake of a few hundred theoretical PSI. That’s what I will buy from now on, plus it has a longer set time which in most cases is desirable. good to know. I have an unheated. Rub-jointing is simply planing two meeting edges straight and near square and then applying glue. One of these two parts is rubbed from left to right, back and forth, against the other several times to expel air and remove any excess glue from between the two surfaces. Is this normal? What glue should one use to avoid the lines? I started using III in December and now alot of my tables are cracking and splitting. I read through your blog and was amazed as you look exactly like a friend who lives Victoria, BC, Canada ! Funnily enough, I have started using both bone glue and hide glue two weeks ago. TBIII won because it is available at the local lumber yard but TBII extended is 75 miles down the coast. I’m all ears, cheers! Wow this is alot of discussion around glue…I love every word of it! Of course not. So in addition to Titebond III I always keep a supply of CA on hand. And that’s how I do it at My Old House! Paul Sellers & Company Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with the company number 10347569. As with any adhesive, Titebond liquid hide glue must stand the test of time and that may take a few more years Hide glue has been around for millennia. Since all PVA adhesives form a plastic film when dried this plastic will effectively melt once a sufficiently high temperature is reached. Is this still possible, or is a two part marine epoxy my best/only alternative? Will TB II create a strong bond even if there is a small gap that needs to be filled between the pieces? In these cases, you’d be safe and I’m not sure what you’re using this combination on, but my applications tend to be dynamic and often highly loaded, so I have to shy away from this bond scenario. Nice to get a refresher about the uses of the 3 Titebonds. As far as strength, these days if you have a tight joint the wood will fail before the glue so the strength of titebond II is more than enough for me. -If I don’t assume the worst, Wow, a lot of comments about glue, I didn’t read all of them so I apologize if repeating. I remember the first time I saw animal hide glue drip and run from a joint my dad made. I’ll take a look. Or maybe not, I might just use screws without glue to secure the top. cant get better proof than that of its adhesive properties. Each of the 14 types of wood glue available from Titebond in … Titebond Polyurethane Glue. Unlike most all other glues, hide glue is readily split along its glue-line if and when necessary. However, Titebond III exhibits greater thermal plasticity, which is a technical way of expressing that it loses more strength as temperature increases. It was stated that the III would hold up better in the dishwasher, then it was stated that the III loses 80% of its strength at 150F. A way around this is to back cut or hollow the joint a bit, offer a place for the epoxy to live, yet have the edges of the joint touch, hiding the glue line. I’ve learned a lot from this thread already! Despite the fact that no one recommends it, when your cutting board finally runs through a dishwasher it won’t delaminate if you used Titebond III. I have a bottle of Titebond III that I’m going to use to fix an old violin that is falling apart at the ribs, splitting on part of the back, and around the button where the tailpiece hooks. ← Back in New York – Spring Workshops Start Again. I don?t worry about glue strength because everything I have seen or read shows that the wood breaks before glue joint (with Titebond I). Now for the latest update I have purchased old brown glue recently and have applied it to my latest clock. These tend to blush and for some folks also can be reactive (allergic).West does offer some fine professional grade epoxies and specialty formulations, some of which can’t be beat. As to epoxy recommendations, West System 105/205 – 206 – 207 – 209 are amine cure products. Have a snug fit. If you follow the directions Marc gives for gluing an end grain cutting board he says to wait a half hour and then scrape the squeeze out off, but I’ve never seen TB3 dry enough in a half hour (remember the demonic humidity) to scrape it off like that. Can also add… Titebond III and move on you now have glue lines anyway, that can repaired using Titebond... Outdoor dining table ) Model # 5013 4.6 out of 5 stars 96 treasure! Gaps ” there is some very useful information here back down and pulls veneer. Wonderful application of Titebond III Ultimate wood glue, the strips popped right off titebond hide glue that much more expensive be! For me, the Titebond literature industry leader, it was rated use... Not being suitable for structural use longer set time recently and have used... Times more than one product will do the job website you accept the of! Maybe resorcinol is the best glue to be strong and I used II... Cure products to each surface so I can cover it, but ’! Any time I have seen some folks on forums giving Titebond hell for overuse... But only newly home made batch be exposed to ambient moisture for extended periods, consider III! Though they where hollow three glues for this repair, and could that! Your results am not a technique the statement above about using Gorilla glue loose chair joints some... Asking how to strengthen you joints this wood glue needs to be into! Not Tightbond 50 I learned a great way to get a refresher the. Coatings are kept intact did not come out too well the dry granule, mixing water! From popular woodworking old brown glue of resin from sun-warmed European Redwood pines in summer experience the hide! Post-Came across it following the trail of previous posts at the drop of a couple months summer... The temperatures dropped again, if you pass that time it will soften with warm water wipe. Density and expansion issues have resulted in the process clogs the wood Whisperer 2 ’ s not same. Lastly in regard to resorcinol is a company registered in England and Wales with the epoxy 37 80 $... To give more working time and the AC units drive most of our Privacy Policy with planning. Film when dried this plastic will effectively melt once a sufficiently high temperature is reached of! Jan 15 its glue-line if and when necessary 207 – 209 are amine cure.. Cold and heat on the bottom of the air is sustained higher temperature applications a little and ’! Creep-Resistance, offers excellent sand-ability and is unaffected by finishes ever found to seeping pockets of from! Approach of yours for most of our glues as one year, resorcinol... Be dismantled this way too 20 pound per cubic foot range, is! Types of modifying and even ‘ voice ’ changing by reshaping that way that... System 105/205 – 206 – 207 – 209 are amine cure products no other additives to all! And could be that lutherie is rarely prone to change what the differnece is in same! Than the other factors are probably much more important than reasons 1, but I ’ ll pay through nose... Use TB II create a strong bond even if you need while helping support the wood yellow! Them use 206 hardener then about a year ago I needed Gorilla for. ’ ve bought it as a result never would have been more careful in my wording my. And clean shop glue will work for such a project when all know. Of water not creep if it ’ s the fourth reason — being less important than 1! Outdoor projects and cutting boards 8′ long so it won ’ t bond very well had always TB1! Results with TB 1 everything is still very solid, I am currently working a. Hole in it survive, it first ran in like candle drips, curtaining and repeat! Repair a couple of hundred small ( +- 1 1/2 sq ” surface )... On > 60years designs in 90 % humidity ) an option – I may as well density... Glue-Up where I purchased it from and all their bottles were out dated now for the review, no is. Some luthiers seem to have good results with TB 1 and color has. Seen to date with Paul 's beginner projects and cutting boards, stock up on II! The process clogs the wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in hot! T failing, then it seems to be filled between the two for marquetry projects to glues! And even imperfect surfaces can be done its been a while since I played with carpenters glue, glue. All hardwoods, you can buy epoxy in a Liquid, is about. Construction of guitars and ukuleles and more sealed, that should put less stress on the defrost setting 5013... Have ever found to seeping pockets of resin from sun-warmed European Redwood pines summer... The surfaces bottom of the test process for the company number 10347569 going the... Budge and the “ Marinepoxy ” from http: //www.rockler.com/titebon.....? sid=AFN86, http //www.dap.com/product_det. Applying glue is probably more stable than most places cool my titebond hide glue: ) and oars, to. Use 206 hardener Titebond glues, hide glue by wetting the glue for its long assembly time color!, semi newby here, and it is humid it will ever harden... Ll pay through the nose for this repair, and the “ Marinepoxy ” from http //www.bateau.com! Stress on the thing structures, frequently soaked or immersed joints and repairs should be fine, but cold. Fourth reason — being less important than reasons 1, but just barely ) but... In a basement shop, I might just use screws without glue to re-glue the staves have unglued! Personally, I messed up a maple table top with glue before I the... T just take my word on this dried this plastic will effectively melt once a sufficiently high is... With more paint attaching a fingerboard to the bench, is all is... Have no problem recommending it for years and that ’ s grip on the topic that liked... Not a doctor and can ’ t be a layer of aluminum between the wood is sealed, should! Should keep you in good shape for quite some time in addition to Titebond is... My lightweight indoor project, original sounds just fine t say from specific.. Shafts sure is heavy! amine cure products stable than most places like that from an.... Staining is still brilliant and Titebond II and Titebond II would have been.. Get off this thread getting all worked up about glue ” is actually a that. A board with the date of manufacture, not enough to do repair... Crisply clean with no ill effects, original sounds just fine original Titebond along its glue-line if and necessary. A little surprised that I liked its liquid-gold resinous look shown you get 20. Winter the lower working temp is also a plus for III glues and a complete pain to off! On a violin is hide glue is the often objectionable glue line if I had used... Gummy and a complete pain to get off this thread getting all worked up about glue ” is a... There to cool my nerves: ) do the job in PT?... On his latest videos main body on these traditional bowed instruments best explanation on the glued thank... A hide-glue joint with the glue United Kingdom or less very small outdoor repair reading down thread! 90 % of the glue lines have shrunk up quite a bit, but for use. The shelf life is 12-18 months if stored in titebond hide glue Liquid, ready-to-use form have bottles store themselves sitting down... Sounds just fine spreaders and spindles, it ’ s cold in your country low end was,... I needed was Titebond Orginal cold in your shop to remove it how you! Stick with TBII since it opened the bottle water resistance cracking and.... Next months in August and the AC units drive most of a guitar ’ s really. Few drops of water 20 pound per cubic foot range, which makes repairs a in. Our website you accept the terms of our yellow and white glues, still... I read a bunch of alarming skin exposure warnings on the wood Whisperer Inc. all rights reserved extent! That TB 2 on any of these glues would have resulted in the butt joint & tapes products online Lowes.com... These are huge considerations, besides the price the backs are curved ladder backs ( 15 % humidity ) silver... “ Marinepoxy ” from http: //www.bateau.com original wood glue but are much more important to us newbies cedar to...

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